Board of Directors

Mr. Darren Yeo

Executive Vice Chairman

Mr Darren Yeo was appointed to the Vallianz Board in December 2012 and is the Executive Vice Chairman. As Vice Chairman, Mr Yeo plays a key role in charting Vallianz’s long term strategy. Mr Yeo brings with him over 20 years of industry experience under his belt. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Engineering degree and holds a diploma in Marketing from the Singapore Institute of Management.

Mr. Ling Yong Wah

Executive Director and CEO

Mr Ling Yong Wah was appointed to the Vallianz Board in March 2014 and is the CEO of the Company. As CEO, Mr Ling leads in driving the corporate and strategic directions of Vallianz. He has over 25 years of business and management experience and has held various roles including board seats in companies listed on the Singapore Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr Ling is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.

Mr. Yeo Jeu Nam

Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr Yeo Jeu Nam has more than 30 years of consultancy experience and was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company on 21 August 2008. Mr Yeo also sits on the board of Frencken Group Limited as an Independent Director. Before founding Radiance Consulting Pte. Ltd., which Mr Yeo is currently the Managing Director, Mr Yeo headed the Strategy and Transformation practice as well as the HR Consulting practice at Ernst & Young Consultants Pte. Ltd. for more than 12 years, as its Senior Consulting Partner. He was also previously a Director at PwC Consulting where he headed their Public Sector Consulting practice. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Social Sciences and is also an alumnus of INSEAD.

Mr. Bote de Vries

Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr Bote de Vries was appointed to the Board of Directors on 6 September 2010 and brings to Vallianz more than 20 years of international asset finance experience in the shipping transport industry. Apart from Mr de Vries’ appointment on Vallianz’s Board, he is also an Independent Advisor to Finamar B.V., a financial consultancy firm, and he holds several Non-Executive board positions in North Atlantic Drilling Ltd, Lloydsfonds AG and Artilian Plc. Mr de Vries is a frequent speaker at conferences on asset finance related issues such as Marine Money, Mareforum, Lloyd List, and Euro Money. Mr de Vries graduated from the University of Leiden with a Bachelor of Biology degree and a Masters in Law.