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Marine Technology

“In this ever-changing marine climate, vessel digitalization and alternative marine technology are the pillars of a sustainable marine future.”

Elisa Woodward

Head, Engineering, New Building and Technology



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Advancing with Battery (Marine Electrification)

With the advance of battery technology and longevity over the past decade, vessel electrification has become a tangible reality. Working with our partners, we provide clients with cost-effective marine solutions, integrating vessel electrification and optional related onshore infrastructure. The design and construction of our first net-zero emissions EV Tug is testament to our company’s net zero strategy.

Alternative Fuel and Green Design Solutions

We believe in a future where sustainability is synonymous with the utilization of alternative sources of fuel for the marine industry. We work actively with upstream and downstream stakeholders in developing practical vessel designs, and providing complete engineering, procurement and construction solutions within our facilities.

“Helm’s View” Digitization (Vessel DRM Solutions)

In this time-deficient age where automated data capture and analytics are required for efficient operations, Vessel Digital Remote Monitoring (DRM) Solutions are key to support our fast-paced operations. We provide customized solutions by vessel twin mapping through 3D modelling and digital DRM solutions.

Specialised Vessels

We work directly with 1st tier clients to develop and design vessels for offshore fields or regions, be it for the oil & gas or renewables sector. The proven designs and operations of Rawabi Integrity, the world’s first Offshore Supply and Storage Floating Vessel; and the first drill cutting vessel, are a few of the projects, which showcases our team’s capability to provide effective solutions for practical implementation for clients.