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Renewables & Sustainable Energy

“We believe in innovative thinking and the power of energy to transform the Earth to build a thriving and resilient environment for future generations”

Ling Yong Wah


Chief Executive Officer



The Energy Transition

At Vallianz we believe in innovative thinking and power of Energy to transform the earth to build a thriving, resilient future for society and business. We believe in new thinking & new possibilities. To support decarbonization, we embrace industry-leading advances throughout in our existing business lines and infrastructure to work positively for more efficient, reliable and sustainable operations than ever before. We are aligned with various progressive energy and solution partners to bring a sustainable future. Vallianz group has embarked into harnessing the power of renewables to support the energy transformation and ease the Global demand of energy by aligning into various portfolios of Wind Energy, Wind Desalination & Green Hydrogen

To broaden our services in offshore renewables, Vallianz is now getting ready to serve the industry with capacity addition by:

  1. Provision of SOVs
  2. Provision of CTVs
  3. DP2 Heavy transport vessels
  4. Light fabrication for wind structure /modules