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Sustainability at the

heart of operations

Here at Vallianz, we are committed to creating a sustainable business model, adopting the best practices in Economics, Environment, Social and Governance (“EESG”) aspects. These practices are fundamental to our business, as we drive long-term growth while mitigating the environmental and social risks that might have a negative impact on our business.


Supply chain management

With our desire to achieve long term sustainable performance in our business operations as well as considering the interests of our key stakeholders, we aim to build a responsible and sustainable supply chain by setting clear standards for our business supply partners.

Talent management

At Vallianz, we strive to optimize our available talent pool and at the same time, continuously looking to add talent from outside our organization to add greater strength and depth to our overall human resources. This is a cornerstone of the Group’s long-term human resources strategy. To develop and strengthen our overall human resources framework, we continuously explore competitive compensation and retention schemes as well as re-skilling and up-skilling programmes, offering our employees a vibrant, inclusive, and progressive career with Vallianz.


We value the opportunity to contribute to the community and we strongly believe in sharing our blessings and growth with others, especially the seniors with limited access to resources in areas of social and financial support. We have partnered with Care Corner Senior Services Ltd (“CCSS”) for the past 10 years in serving the needs of seniors under CCSS.

Ethics & integrity

Vallianz has zero-tolerance for fraud, bribery, and corruption, and we have established a whistleblowing policy to ensure that business is conducted ethically and complies with the best practises set out in the company’s policies. We also ensure that all our business units comply with relevant laws and regulations to address EESG issues. Lastly, we require every key management and staff to promptly declare any conflict or potential conflict of interest, whether direct or indirect, in relation to any transactions or proposed transaction within the Group.

Governance structure

Our Board of Directors is committed to upholding high corporate governance standards and has placed high importance on its corporate governance processes and systems to ensure greater transparency, accountability, and maximisation of long-term shareholder value. The Company recognizes the importance of good corporate governance which is imperative for sustained growth and investors’ confidence.

Environmental protection

Vallianz remains dedicated to our long-term responsibility to protect the environment. We consistently review our policies and practices to optimize energy, water, and waste management. Through energy-efficient practices and adhering to the principles of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, Vallianz conducts its business in a sustainable manner.