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Engineered for energy


In a new world of energy transformation, we explore the frontiers of possibilities with an unwavering dedication to realise our client’s aspirations.

By harnessing our strengths across a range of dynamic assets and engineering capabilities, we forge new paths and solutions with uncompromising executional excellence.

Above all, we care deeply about our clients and communities, and to advance the world’s sustainability ambitions ever closer.

Vallianz Holdings Limited is a well-established operator of offshore support vessels (“OSVs”). For close to 30 years, we have answered the needs of the global energy industry through well-implemented integrated offshore marine solutions with a progressive yet pragmatic vision, and a team of highly-motivated industry experts working in close collaboration with every customer.

We are a publicly listed enterprise registered in Singapore with an international footprint, spanning markets across the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. To provide adaptive solutions in an environment of rapidly evolving needs, Vallianz and its associated companies have a fleet of 74 OSVs which comprise anchor handling tugs with supply capabilities, platform supply vessels, offshore floating storage and supply vessels, submersible launch barges, maintenance and accommodation vessels, utility support vessels, flat top cargo barges, accommodation work barges, towing tugs, utility vessels, liftboats and crew boats.

With our Shipyard in Batam, Indonesia, downstream services such as fabrication and engineering capabilities, vessel docking, repair and maintenance works are fully dedicated to supporting our subsidiaries, partners and clients. This further enhances our value proposition by broadening the spectrum of our marine services and takes us closer to our core focus on delivering operational and service excellence.

We forge lasting partnerships of trust.

We support and nurture the greatest outcomes for our clients throughout the entire process.

By placing client needs and experiences at the heart of everything we do, we earn trust and respect in forging superior lasting relationships.

We build confidence with systematic vigour.

When we are systematic, we bring discipline, thoroughness, consistencies and frameworks to processes and operations.

This allows client requirements and expectations to be upheld to uncompromising standards of execution time after time.

We drive adaptive solutions where it matters most.

In an evolving world, we abandon static solutions and shift into two aspects of adaptability; foresight and flexible planning. 

By creating strategies that give up long held assumptions, we are better positioned to sense and respond to rapidly changing client needs.